Richard Caldicott is focusing on pure form and colour, the British artist composes works in an almost notational, rhythmic way. His current series marks a departure from modernist serenity towards a focus on dynamism and force, compositions that mimic the forces of explosions and fractures. Caldicott composes his imagery in a painstaking way, cutting and assembling paper in the physical realm before standing back and assessing, then clicking the shutter. There are further stages: the bringing together of two compositions in a single frame to create the densely layered structures, and then finally the proofing stage as a means of enhancing and trimming, fine-tuning the image before it is printed at scale.

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selection exhibitions:


Iterations (solo)
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery,
New York (USA)


Prime Time/Object_If
Volker Diehl Gallery/DiehlCUBE
Berlin (D)

Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque (USA)


Light Works, Atlas Gallery, London (GB)


Recent Work 2010-2013 (solo),
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery,
New York (USA)

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Richard Caldicott shared, among others, exhibitions with:

Lewis Baltz
Marco Breuer
Bill Culbert
Adam Fuss
Lazlo Maholy-Nagy
Sigmar Polke
Man Ray
Georges Rousse
Thomas Ruff
Thomas Struth
Wolfgang Tillmans
James Welling

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'I make work that investigates the interplay between space, form and colour and which also explores the progressive permutations within a reductive logic'

Richard Caldicott curriculum vitae

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