Luuk de Haan mastered a historical technique. Therein, camera movement and in advance designed light sources, determine shape and composition. This approach creates a surprisingly amount of movement and depth; it lives.

The same determination in shape, composition and colour is found in his drawings. Which are achieved with contemporary tools, like software programming and a digital pencil.

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Luuk de Haan shared, among others, exhibitions with:

Ellen Carey
Jan Dibbets
Inge Dick
Marlene Dumas
Stefan Heyne
Gottfried Jäger
Erwin Olaf
Thom Puckey
Robert Ryman
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Fiona Tan
Ulay & Abramović
Herman de Vries

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‘non-figurative art does not tell a story and comes therefore closest to the truth’

exhibition & art fairs selection:


Art New York 2017


big nothing
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
New York City (USA)

Light Painted Abstractions Kaune Contemparary
Cologne (D)

Expo Chicago 2016

Prime Time/Object_If
Volker Diehl Gallery/DiehlCUBE
Berlin (D)

Art Miami 2016 (USA)


Ways of the Imagination Witteveen Visual Art Centre Amsterdam (NL)

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Luuk de Haan curriculum vitae

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