Four contemporary artists Jesus Perea (E), Richard Caldicott (UK),
Luuk de Haan (NL) and Pieter Bijwaard (NL) have – through their corresponding interest in the mystery of life, the universe and the art in particular – united as Mother Universe.

Their visual language has evolved continuously in recent decades. A silent revolution took place in their studios for which there is growing interest.

The artists met through social media and interact with each other through this cross-border medium. Authenticity, intensity, enchantment and abstraction predominate. Their work shows a serious playfulness. New media is being used as well as traditional materials.

Mother Universe offers exhibitions of non-figurative contemporary art to project rooms and galleries. Mother Universe's goal is to compile exhibitions that set the measure of all things in a broader perspective. Mother Earth becomes Mother Universe.

Jesús Perea
Richard Caldicott
Luuk de Haan
Pieter Bijwaard

N.B. In order to enrich the dialogue, a fifth artist will be involved in each exhibition, which will be chosen in consultation with the board of the art institute.

‘Mother Universe’ is a world
mother universe
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